Travel with Style – Dubai,UAE

Earlier this month I travelled to Dubai – The land of dreams and fantasies. So I decided to pack my wardrobe better,colourful, fashionable & more comfortable.


Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene and skyscraper-filled skyline. There are some simple guidelines to follow if you want to be respectful of local Emirati culture and tradition while still making the most of this unique destination.

What to Wear in Dubai – On a Desert Safari

Desert Fashion Style

Deserts can be an amazing adventurous destination to travel from camel riding to sand bashing or musical arabic night, there is something different vibes comes around from the environment.

You won’t meet any local on a desert safari so you  can wear whatever you want.

Remember, In the winters a jacket or sweater will be useful as some deserts undergo extreme weather phenomenons, particularly temperature changes within short periods of time.

(My desert dressing usually includes closed shoes if the weather is cool enough.)

What to Wear in Dubai – Warm scarves and caps

Desert Dune

Keep these fashion scarves stylish and colourful. Also try to avoid Scarves knitted, made of wool, polyester, and velvet and are very warm materials you can wear over your regular clothing inside or outside.

Large cotton scarf, such as a shemagh , to protect your face, neck and head from the sun, dust and sandstorms

What to Wear in Dubai – In the Streets, Souks or at the Mall

Street style

When out and about in the streets, souks or shopping malls women are most respectful if they wear skirts or shorts to the knee and have their shoulders covered.

What to Wear in Dubai – By the Pool, At the Beach, Or around your Hotel

Pool fashion

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear swimming trunks, bikinis or one piece swimsuits on the beach or by the hotel pool; but it’s disrespectful to walk the streets in a bikini or in shorts and a bikini top.

keep in mind, you may want to cover up when you walk through the hotel to get to the pool or beach. There may also be local Emiratis in your hotel.

What to Wear in Dubai – At the Mosque

Desert Safari Dubai

Long trousers and long sleeved tops or shirts for men; long trousers or ankle length skirts/dresses for women combined with a long sleeved top which is not low cut.

Women are required to cover their hair and there will be headscarves available to borrow.